How to choose your personal planner

A new year is coming soon and it's about time for choosing your personal planner for 2023! Dated planners has different formats and convenient to use, while undated planners offer full flexibility and are more personalised. Below we'll recommending the steps on customising your undated personal planner.

Step 1: Choose your planner cover

You will be happy and motivated to use your planner everyday when you see a beautiful cover! Besides choosing your favourite cover design, the cover material is also an important factor to consider. In Shokakko, we offers 2 types of cover material: Fabric or PU. 


Miyu collection is handmade with beautiful & washable fabrics. It gives a warm feeling and suits people who loves animals and nature.


Mark's collection is made with durable PU material with pre-filled inserts. It is light-weighted and suits to carry around everyday. 

Step 2: Choose your planner inserts

Everyone has different purpose and needs on using the planner. The benefit of using a binder planner is you can combine different layouts of inserts to suits you own needs. 

(i) Monthly

Monthly records your appointments and plans such as meetings, doctor visits, friend's birthdays, assignment or report due dates etc. You will have all of your future plans available at-a-glance. 

(ii) Weekly


Weekly format can record more detailed information of your plan, such as meeting time, location, discussion outline etc. For horizontal format, it can also use as a simplified diary, while vertical format best suits for people who likes to record the daily plan by time. 

(iii) Daily

Daily format best suits for people who loves to record the details or plans of their day. You may use ruled, blank or dotted format to design. For example, ruled can use for writing dairies, blank ones can use for drawings and dotted ones offers convenience to draw lines and boxes.

(iv) Themed

Some planner inserts are designed in different themes to offer convenience to record specified plans and information. Below shows some examples of themed inserts:

  • Housework - Manage daily housework schedule, budget, furniture and home appliances list, emergency contact list etc.
  • Study Note - Log the daily time of study, mark class timetable, target management etc.
  • Travel Note - Record memorable or delicious moments with photos and text.
  • Baby Note - Record baby's growth and the precious moments of the baby.

Step 3: Choose your planner accessories

Adding planner accessories gives functionality and uniqueness to your planner. Clear pockets can use for store small goods, dividers can use to separate different sections, pen holders can use to hold your favourite pen.


The above steps should gives you an idea on how to choose your personalised planner. We hope you can find your perfect planner and happy planning everyday!