Back to School Essentials

The new school will start soon! Have you got all stationeries and notebooks ready for the exciting year? Here's our staff picks of the stylish, in-trend yet functional back to school essentials that you'll needed.

1. Pens

Zebra SARASA-R Gel Ink Rollerball Pen 0.4mm

The Sarasa-R's ink formula is about 30% more colour density than the standard Sarasa ink. Black ink looks blacker and colored ink looks more colourful. It's retractable with comfortable rubber grip and convenient clip. 


Sakura Ballsign iD Ballpoint Pens 0.4mm / 0.5mm

Sakura Ballsign iD Ballpoint Pen features 6 different black colours:

  1. Pure Black (Black)
  2. Night Black (Blue Black)
  3. Mocha Black (Brown Black)
  4. Forest Black (Green Black)
  5. Cassis Black (Red Black)
  6. Mysterious Black (Purple Black)

You can choose the one that can express your personality. The special hexagon barrel with rounded corners allows extra comfort when you write. 


2. Correction Products

Kutsuwa Zikeshi Magnetic Eraser Pen

Keep your desk clean with the Zikeshi Magnetic Eraser Pen from Kutsuwa. The pen cap has a built-in neodymium magnet that can collect eraser dust. You can easily throw the eraser dust into the bin by pulling the knob. The eraser is a thin 5mm round type that can erase fine details, and it looks like a pen, so it is perfect fit for any pencil case.


Oval Orbitec Correction Tape 5mm x 6m

The correction tape from Oval features a 360-degree patented rotation mechanism, which can correct the guiding wing at any angle. It's retractable, so no need to worry of losing the cap. The correction is super obedient, and it is easy to correct without stopping. 


3. Highlighters

Kanmido Film Tape Marker

Kanmido film tape marker is a tape shape "highlighter" that allows you to draw lines easily. Unlike conventional ink-type line markers, you don't need to worry about ink stains, uneven colours, bleeding of characters etc. You can always draw a straight line with a constant width (6mm) and even color from end to end. It is useful for creating notes that look beautiful and make it easy to look back on information. The film tape is removable, so you can paste safely for books and reference books that do not want to draw lines directly with a marker pen.


4. Pencil Cases

Mark's x Seiji Matsumoto Recycled PVC Pencil Cases

The cute pencil case from Mark's is a collaboration series with designer Seiji Matsumoto. The design features the comical mouse "Andy", who loves cheese and making different poses. The pencil case is lightweight and can store all your pens and pencils. The transparent material allows you to see the contents at a glance and the case uses recycled PVC with a recycling rate of 90% for sustainable living.


5. Notebooks

Mark's Recycled PVC A5 Notebooks features with a zipper pocket at the front of the cover where you can store stationeries such as pens and sticky notes. The PVC cover uses recycled PVC with a recycling rate of 90% for sustainable living. The notebook paper "Neo Agenda" are FSC® certified paper. The left page is 5mm dotted sheet which is convenient for writing charts, illustrations and ideas. The right page is 6mm ruled lines that are ideal for writing test information.


6. Study Planners

Iconic Campus Study Planners

A must-have item for your study life! It's an undated study planner that covers a 4-month period to help you to organise and schedule your student life. The PVC cover can prevent the planner from water & dirt. The study planner includes themed pages specified for study needs, such as class timetable (2 pages), class attendance (6 pages), exam planner (12 pages), daily study planner (124 pages) etc. 


7. Sticky Notes, Flags & Tabs

3M Post-it Film Assorted Colours Sticky Flags

You can easily organise your study notes or documents by the colourful sticky flags from 3M Post-it®. They're strong, tear-resistant that are ideal for filing and headlines. It is a pop-up type that can be taken out one by one. It's easy to write on and can be applied firmly & removed cleanly.


3M Post-it Film Assorted Colours Sticky Notes

Add some cuteness to your textbooks and notes with the sticky notes from 3M Post-it®. They have a range of different colours and shapes, such as cloud balloons, heart, flowers, etc. 


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